lauantai 21. toukokuuta 2016


Spring has finally reached Finland!
It is warm enough to enjoy the breakfast outdoors, on the ground... in a company of ladybugs and whistling birds.

Finns are a breakfast oriented folk. We learn at school that breakfast is the most important meal of the day... And we really believe in that, still when we no longer go to school. While the Middle-Europeans throw a sip of espresso and some croissant to their mouth on the way to the work, Finns pile butter, slices of cheese, ham, eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers in between their breakfast rolls.

But that's not all; no breakfast is complete without porridge and a huge pot of coffee!
It tastes surprisingly good every morning, but nothing beats the breakfast outdoors!


750 ml milk, or coconut milk
75 ml sheet semolina (grains)
dried coconut flakes
fresh berries or strawberry soup

Bring milk to boil, stirring constantly, add semolina, cover the pan and let simmer on a low heat for 10-20 minutes. Stir every now and them (to prevent the porridge from burning to the bottom). Season with sugar, salt and butter. Serve hot of cold, with strawberry soup and fresh berries or dried coconut flakes.

torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2016


Ice fishing is one of the nicest benefits of the cold winter. At this time of the year you see fisherwomen and fishermen, fisher girls and boys drilling holes into the ice and using their special ice fishing rod to fool the fish.

When you see someone dressed in a one-piece thermo jumpsuit, carrying a huge auger on the shoulder, it's a sign of a real winter.

Ice fishing auger is a huge, manpowered drill.

Drilling keeps fishermen warm.

The first catch of the day is always the most important one, no matter how small.

The bites (worms and caterpillars) are sold even at gas stations, and are available in different colors, like the lines as well.

Särki, (roach), is a common, but not very popular fish in small lakes. It's easy to recognize by it's red eyes. Fishermen say that särki has been partying till the wee hours, that's why they eyes are red, and it no longer ticles your tastebuds.

Finns love ahven, (perch). We fry them, stew them, poach them, deep fry them, bake in rye bread, or smoke them... And, of course, there's nothing better than a pot of perch, cooking in the oven on a low heat while you're taking a sauna, after a long day of ice fishing. The best winter supper, of all times.

keskiviikko 2. maaliskuuta 2016


Believe it or not; the PICNIC SEASON has started!
Ok, I admit that occasionally fingers get numb, and your toes feel like icicles... But it's worth the effort.

Simplest things taste amazing outdoors; like seed-rye bread topped with egg- butter and shrimps.

Finns usually garnish traditional Karelian pies with EGG BUTTER (just a mixture of normal salted butter and chopped, hard boiled eggs). Egg butter accompanies also the rye bread nicely... Boiled shrimps finish the treat... And steaming hot soup keeps you warm.

Sunbathing at these latitudes requires "special equipment", such as sheepskins and even a red wine warmer.

... And right after sunset you're in a hurry to pack your picnic away, and head back home, to a hot sauna.

sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2016


Today is the sliding day, laskiainen, as we call it in Finland. Sliding down the hill, using any devise, is in a "must do"- list today. In the old days sliding day marked the symbolic-sliding into the period of Easter fasting. But it now means a fun filled day outdoors, cream buns and crepes.


5 finely grated potatos
5 dl milk
2 dl plain flour
pinch of salt
lingonberry jam

Wisk all the ingredients together to a smooth batter, until well incorporated. Let rest in a refrigerator for an hour.

Heat a little butter in a frying pan. When it's foaming, pour a thin layer of batter into the pan. Cook for 30 seconds to a minute, until the edges are solid and golden brown. (Let the pancake cook without shaking the pan, as there's no egg in the batter, and the uncooked crepe brakes easily.) Flip the crepe over and continue cooking for the same amount of time.

Serve with lingonberry jam (preferably homemade, but ready made will do, too. Available for example in IKEA).


Age plays no role, as one 50-years old FINN slides down with style.
("Down the hill, Finnish way"- footage has got English subtitles.)


keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2016


Let me explain why the social media is now full of pictures of Finnish flags and lion cubs...
And why even the smallest ice- covered ponds are packed with ice skaters and hockey players... Despite of the -22℃ temperature!

The Finnish State Coat of Arms has got a lion, we call it "the Finn-lion". Therefore our national hockey team is also called "Finn-lions", and the junior team "Lion Cobs" or "Little lions".

Last night the Lion Cobs won the World Under-20 ice hockey championship in Helsinki, with gripping 4-3 victory over Russia!!! With just 6,9 seconds left in the game, Russia scored and the game went into overtime... But almost immediately the Junior-Lions scored the winning goal, and become the World Champions... And the whole nation went nuts!

So, the taste of Finland is now GOLD!


lauantai 26. joulukuuta 2015


Take a look at this!
Second Christmas day, sunset painting the landscape yellow... And suddenly; just like icing sugar from the cloudless skies! Snow, finally! Didn't last for long, but long enough to cover the scenery with a pretty white frosting. True Xmas magic.

That calls for a celebration.
Some "vihreät kuulat" marmelade and a sip of your favorite wine. CHEERS FOR THE WHITE CHRISTMAS!

(Vihreät kuulat is a traditional pear flavored marmalade-sweet, made especially for the holiday season, ever since 1908. Every year the Fazer's confectionery factory manufactures 17 million green balls, and every year they're sold out.)

PS. In case you're interested what else Finns enjoy during the holidays, pls visit my other blog:

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2015


Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Today the daylight was already a minute longer... (About time!) And with that speed we'll head till the Mid Summer festival... After that, our days start getting shorter again... 20. March the day and night are equally long, though.

In the meanwhile, in the city of Oulu, the sun riced yesterday at 10.29 and set at 14.04... That's just statistics, but the local local police office charmed the whole nation sending their Christmas Greetings   via their official Facebook page. The shortest and darkest day of the year felt a lot brighter after listening to the heart warming message; a FINN-cop dressed in his uniform, singing gorgeously. The church was empty, but the Utube is now crowded...