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Helsinki has hosted the BALTIC HERRING FAIR, silakkamarkkinat, ever since 1743. Marinated herring, dark and sweet archipelago style bread and sea buckthorn juice are the selling points. But the cool autumn wind grows also the popularity of anything that keeps you warm, like traditional hand- knitted clothes made of island sheep's wool...

Fisher boats from other seaside towns and all the way from the archipelago of Åland gather together in front of the Helsinki Market Square. All docks are reserved for the fishers, every year for one full week, starting always from the first Sunday of October.

TERVETULOA- sign welcomes visitors for a bowl of salmon soup.

Archipelagans sell fish and homemade bread directly from their boats.

Baltic herring is the star of the week, but salmon and vendace are popular snacks, too.

Some find sizzling muikku (vendace) far more delicious than the baltic herring itself.

Yesterday was the opening day of this year's herring fair, so, you'll have the whole week time to
enjoy the fish-feast. C U @ the DOCK.

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