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It's becoming more and more popular in Finland to raise chickens in your own garden. You just need a small cottage (for hens to sleep in and to lay their eggs), and a yard to wander around (for finding natural snacks). Some say that even a balcony of a apartment house would do, but that's rather a humorous image and I doubt any neighbor would like to hear cackle next door.

The advantage of your own "garden hen farm" is that you know how your flock live and what they eat. Brown chickens lay brown eggs, with the deepest yellow yolk you have ever seen! The commercial mass production of eggs and poor living conditions of the chicken make it easy to appreciate the eggs of your own garden.

You don't necessarily need a rooster to lead the hen community, but chickens seem to like a handsome cock. Plus, you'll get eggs that can, in 21 days, be incubated to new little chicks. Cocks are natural alarm clocks, as well... So... Before buying a rooster, you'll first need to negotiate with neighbors.

In the end of the summer garden farms close down. It's time to return the rented chickens to the owner, or sell your hens to a real farm. Some "summer farmers" make a harvest party, and all their  chickens end up in a casserole. Usually home farms are occupied only during summer months... But some families cannot give up their pet- chickens in the end of the summer and make the hen-cottage winter proof. The electric radiator (up left, on the wall) keeps the temperature steady even if it's freezing outside.

Garden chickens give modern city slickers a sympathetic glimpse of an old fashioned country life.
That must be the secret of their popularity.

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